Longevity Program

The Science of You.

We are excited to announce our partnership with LONGEVITY – Functional Nutrition and Health Span Experts.

Founded by cancer experts in London, the LONGEVITY team of doctors, nutritionists and fitness experts deliver personalised, scientific programs that guide you on the six fundamental pillars of longevity – nutrition, movement, sleep, stress, supplements and community. LONGEVITY offers personalised health optimisation, and chronic disease prevention and helps you live longer.

This program includes personalized consultations, tailored supplements, blood and hormone testing, daily support through the Longevity app, and access to educational resources priced at AED 6000 for three months. 

For those seeking a shorter commitment, the How to Live Longer Program provides tools and guidance to kick-start their journey to longevity. This program includes blood tests, a consultation with a Longevity expert, and a personalized eBook detailing the advice given during the consultation, priced at AED 3000 for three months.