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Raffles The Palm Dubai - Pathways by Hunna Art Gallery

Pathways by Hunna Art Gallery

From 27th January until 23rd of March

Our collaboration with the renowned Hunna Art Gallery, is a reflection of our deep connection with art and craftsmanship. Presenting a exclusive exhibition of four Gulf-based artists who represent the regions shifting contemporary art scene.

Eman Ali, Talin Hazbar, Alymamah Rashed and Alia Zaal are each investing a specific site of the hotel’s premises. Unfolding in four chapters, the exhibition showcases the social, material, spiritual and political research of the artists while creating a dialogue with the architecture of the hotel.

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“My Palm Fronds Breathe (̶F̶o̶r̶ ̶Y̶o̶u̶)̶”
From Kuwaiti artist Alymamah Rashed is exploring the sensation of the spirit’s yearning to reside in a celestial home of eternity. This series of new paintings and watercolors converges the sightings of the everyday in Kuwait with her spiritual epiphanies. Each work unravels a vision captured in time that carries on an ever changing mode of personal storytelling.
“Corridors of Power''
An installation of Eman Ali’s eponymous photographic series. Reflecting on her native Oman’s grand development projects that came into fruition as dominating, theatrical, and beautiful spaces, the artist portrayed herself in Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Oman. In this series of autoportraits, she appears opaque, overpowered, and consumed by the grandness and opulence of the space. Thus, this series resonates with the hotel’s gigantic premises and architecture.
“Through My Eyes”
A captivating new body of work from Emirati artist Alia Zaal. Known for her blurred, timeless paintings that encapsulate historical and urban evolutions of her hometown, Alia Zaal will offer in this series an intimate insight into her private life among her close social circle. Based on personal photographs captured during private social gatherings such as weddings, her paintings depict relatives in a oneiric atmosphere that proposes a new reading of social rites and relationships.
“Stones in silence”
An installation of sculptures from Syrian artist Talin Hazbar. Created from natural elements of the UAE - such as rocks from Fujairah and Khor Fakkan - before being masterfully, and patiently, carved out by the artist. Nested in Raffles Club Lounge, this ensemble reflects on the notions of time and impermanence while capturing the intricate materiality of the natural world and the endless possible collaboration between artists and nature.